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Quality makes a difference for people and the environment

Q-Kaffe & Kakao offers high quality organic coffee, cocoa and related products to anyone who appreciates organic quality. Organic farming benefits all, the biodiversity in the ecosystem, producers get better prices for their products and protect their land, and consumers will not have residues of pesticides, artificial colors and sweeteners.

At the Q Coffee & Cocoa, we have a mix of cultures and nationalities - Denmark, Peru- which puts us closer to producers and consumers. Our focus is on offering exclusive high quality products and on directly supporting the farmers, who work hard in the production of coffee and cocoa, to get a fair price for their products. 

It is not a secret that farmers get more motivated to continue the good spirit of their work and to improve the quality of the product when they can get a good price for their products, so they can afford to financially support their families.

We have established cooperation agreements with two companies who share our views with regard to social responsibility and environmental responsibility: Machu Picchu Foods and Chanchamayo Highland Coffee. In this way we can ensure a uniform standard without compromising on quality. Read more about our partners here.