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The finest cocoa, for a vibrant  frutty and nutty hot chocolate cup

Piura Porcelana cacao powder is made from Porcelana cacao beans that were, within the last few years, discovered in the Piura River Valley of Peru. This species was thought extinct  after rampant diseases attacked those trees in 1916. Even more surprising is that the recently found trees were discovered growing in a hidden Peruvian valley at extremely high elevations (for cacao) between 3500 and 4100 feet. 

This “forgotten” white cacao or “Porcelain” is an ultra-rare and appreciated variety of cacao because of its exceptionally vibrant and fruity flavour. Porcelana criollo was previously thought only to be found in Venezuela and Mexico. Nearly extinct, it has been brought back into production by local farmers in Piura, Peru, that made the transition from rice to cacao, which is much better for their income and for nature.

As discovery of this rare cacao was so recent and the newly planted cacao trees take a while to reach maturity, there is only a limited supply of piura porcelana cacao.

Though around 70% of the beans are white and the rest light violet, the chocolate is light brown. The fermenting and roasting of the beans makes them indistinguishable at first glance from any other bean but their lack of astringency and acidity is astonishing. 

Sales of this Cocoa helps restore an ultra rare cacao bean from extinction. What more could you possibly ask for. A noble cause and a delicious hot chocolate!